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Unlimited Docs and Slides + Live Apps*

Collaborate in docs and slides that include spreadsheets, chat, and Live Apps like a Calendar, Kanban Board and more.

Reliable cloud-delivered teamwork

We’ve invested in the most secure, reliable, & auto-sync cloud platform because we care about your team’s data.

Spreadsheets for teams

Quip’s team-driven spreadsheets are modern, social, and contextual. Crunch numbers together.

secure mobile collaboration

Award-winning mobile apps on Android and iOS keeps your team together no matter where they are.

GROUP CHAT and 1:1 messages

Communicate with your team with the smartest group chat capabilities offered on this planet.

integrations, support and more

Integrations with top companies like Slack, Atlassian, and support you can lean on.

* Excludes Salesforce Live Apps.

Got a big business? Go Quip Enterprise


All the Quip goodness, plus:

Access to all of Quip’s features

Docs, spreadsheets, slides, messaging, and mobile. Access to all Live Apps, including Salesforce Live Apps.

Enterprise API and customization

Fully customize Quip’s Live Apps and Automation APIs for use by the entire organization to work directly with internal tools and processes.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Support for OneLogin, Okta, Google Apps, and an open API for additional solutions.

e-Discovery & programmatic auditing

Ability to search, index, export and monitor all company data and user actions.

Enhanced Security Features

Manage sharing with users outside your company, audit/expire publicly shared doc links, and more.

Top Tier Support

Dedicated account manager to support all users, custom team trainings/workshops, early access to betas.

Dedicated Quip team

Provision all accounts, create a custom home page, setup shared team folders that map to your organization.

Unlimited storage in Quip

Store and share unlimited documents, spreadsheets, files, and messages with your teams.